Key characteristics every social media community manager should have

2 stycznia 2019 10:34


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2 stycznia 2019 10:35

What should be the ideal candidate for running a profile on social media? What character traits and what skills should such a person have? Below you will find the most-wanted skills that you can become the best Social Media Community Manager. 1. Empathy in communication The Community Manager must be able to see the company from the point of view of its recipient, to then use it in motivating the recipients to act, individually and collectively. The ability to efficiently formulate messages of varying length and tone is "only" the result of a proper understanding of the recipients. 2. Sober judgment Corporate community management is collecting information from various sources, following numerous discussion threads, various topics, and ad hoc tasks. This requires not only a smooth movement in a very dynamic reality, but also a sober assessment of what content and events are important from the point of view of the recipients, and which will not have such meaning. 3. Flexibility and self-control The community is made of people, and there will always be someone who is uninformed, who does not want to look for who will ask the same question for the hundredth time. The patronage of the community requires patience, self-control, the right distance to yourself and reality, which allow you to react accordingly depending on the situation. 4. Analytical skills The statement that you can not manage what you do not measure is also applicable to corporate communities. Analytical skills are useful for assessing how effective are activities involving the community, or even how many people reach individual messages. 5. Eyes and ears constantly open The tasks of a community guardian cannot be closed within specific working hours and a clear description of the position - you just have to love what you do and have an internal need to constantly search for knowledge. Communication in communities means not only providing content, but also the ability to obtain information, engage in specific initiatives, build relationships within the community and strengthen the identification with the company itself.