Is it worth to learn speed reading?

2 stycznia 2019 11:29

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2 stycznia 2019 11:30

We live faster and faster, we have thousands of activities, and we spend our free time in the gym, courts and other fashionable places where we simply have to "need". When asked about why we do not read, we usually explain the lack of time. Under these circumstances, the ability to read quickly is more valuable than gold. We sign up for numerous courses that promise that we will consume a few hundred pages of "brick" in half an hour. But is it really so simple and, above all, an effective way of acquiring texts? As research shows, not necessarily. Fast reading is the subject of many courses that promise the skill, thanks to which you can speed up the development several times, devouring several books a week. Using this method, we are only able to roughly determine what the text was about because the brain is not able to process the content so quickly (for it is necessary to repeat individual words in mind). Does this mean that any attempts to learn to read quickly do not make sense? It's not exactly like that. The speed with which we do this is influenced by the number of texts we actually read in our lives. The more we practice, the more words we get to know and, consequently, we read them faster. It will also help to master the technique of browsing the text, ie learning the topic and key issues. Reading the headlines, titles, as well as the first and last paragraphs of the chapter, will be just as effective as mapping books to the beat of a pen. So if you lack time, consider whether it is worth sacrificing it to learn something that in itself will generate a further loss. Do not make better use of this free moment and just relax, slowly absorbing every word?