Is it a good idea to publish pricing on the website?

16 stycznia 2019 09:27

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16 stycznia 2019 09:28

This question is controversial for the owner of any business. Here is an argument why it is good to present the price and how it influences your business.

Buyers before making a decision where to buy a product he needs make a comparison on prices, colors, etc. When you are among the shops that do not have price person needs to call or write to you in order to know it. For most people who do online shopping, it may be a problem or reason to leave your shop. They do not want to talk to you or waste their time; they are simply shy or lazy. They chose an online shop in order to purchase quickly and by clicking a few times. When we give not all information we risk to lose buyers. 

Another side of this question is that seeing the price can be shocking for visitors. Try to show them that your products are really good emphasizing it by quotes of satisfied buyers or good pictures, videos of using them. Publishing prices let you also to be open for negotiating and maybe within the time change your price regarding market needs. Open prices lead to discussions and feedback from the customers. When you have the price it also means you are open to competition. Not all other brands can use it for good reasons but generally when your price model is competitive then you place certain position on a market.