How to write landing page copy that converts?

16 stycznia 2019 09:29

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16 stycznia 2019 09:30

It is about how to write texts that make the readers buyers. Copywriters that can write conversion texts they are in the play. It is not the skills you have from the moment of your birth but something you can learn and gain technical skills. 

One of the tools of conversion writing is when customers write for us but not we do it for them. It has to be the feeling that copywriter is a consumer, he describes the feelings after using the product, experience, what has been changed due to the product or service we describe. Add quotes of the buyers, their pictures and reviews and it will attract potential clients to feel the same they do. We need also to put in the center, not the product itself but more the benefits and advantages of having it. Consumers, as many marketing kinds of research show, want to understand the results they will come after purchasing the product. If you use the famous method ‘solution-selling method'  you demonstrate the benefits of products/services and show the privilege of competitors. 

The hard work has been done on creating headlines, titles, keywords. You can always play with colors, prints, design. Make spaces inside the text and add sentences that catch attention. They have to have a strong sense and clear. Do not forget to use pictures as well. It is always not so boring as text!

Copywriting on your landing page is a simple text first of all. Everyone who enters the page can read it easily and understand fully because our users and potential customers have different backgrounds, knowledge, and level of education. Be also friendly and funny that they feel you are as a friend but not as a robot who wrote a formal text. And of course, this text has to be a call to action as any sales text. Our goal is to attract people to buy so we need to push them somehow for action.