How to write good marketing follow up email after meeting?

7 stycznia 2019 12:46

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7 stycznia 2019 12:59

Following the business perspective is critical. You worked hard, or luck just smiled at you - and you spawned a business client or a prospect. I hope that my post can help you overcome skepticism in the meaning of the follow-up letter on the results of the meeting both with your team and clients. 

1. Start a message based on the results of the meeting concerning the date and time of your last conversation or meeting in an email and, if the day was the day before yesterday, it is also advisable to mark the date.

2. Mention the time related to a particular correspondence. This first line contains the message that you are referring to a meeting or conversation.

3 Make the content accurate, concise and straightforward. This will avoid a lot of grammatical errors or unnecessary word usage.


Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Send a message within 24 hours of the meeting

Express gratitude for the meeting,

Write briefly and succinctly,

Focus only on what matters,

If you have been asked to contact someone else, attach it to correspondence.


The rule of the right business tone is to send a letter with the outcome of the negotiations (if you've been discussing something). When the “letter with the results” becomes regular, people get used to it and start ignoring it. Even if there is a task list. Pushing those responsible is important.