How to write good Instagram captions?

19 grudnia 2018 16:09


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19 grudnia 2018 16:12

Instagram is primarily for visual effect; however, it does not mean it is just about pictures and video materials. Good selection of photos is the first and an important step in creating your content for Instagram – but do not forget about writing appropriate captions. What is Instagram Caption? It is a text that you find under the photo/picture/video that includes the information about the brand/person, invitation to participate in the competition or event, useful information or whatever. The most important thing is how few sentences or long text are constructed with the usage of right words, vocabulary, and emojis. There are necessary elements of good Instagram captions: - The captions have to be brief and informative at the same time; - Followers have to be invited to react and compelled to take action; - Reading the captions is easy; language is understandable and similar to the language followers use; Using the hashtags is necessary, but how many is enough? Different sources say four to thirty hashtags per one caption but we should shift the focus on the quality of hashtags and choose only relevant to the post and target audience. Think about which words place at the beginning of the caption – interesting beginning means the reader will open the full text and finish the reading that is already half of success. If the reading follows by the action – you have done your mission ☺ The last but not the least – use emojis, questions and popular among your target group words. Emojis catch attention and strengths the text, questions guarantee followers’ feedback and the usage of special words or lexicon show you are ‘in the topic’. General rules are thinking carefully before writing a caption, check the text and do not forget to promote other social channels!