How to write catchy subject lines for marketing emails?

28 stycznia 2019 11:42

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28 stycznia 2019 11:42

Despite the rapid social media development, e-mail marketing is still one of the most effective ways to reach the customer. There are many pros - they can be personalized, they are received directly to the mailbox, and they are properly constructed with a strong advertising message. A good title is already 80% success. So how do write a catchy subject line for marketing email?

1. Personalize
a good mail is directed to a specific person. It's not just about his name, but matching content making as well. Another email is sent to corporate managers, another to startupers.

2. Shock
Write something that will attract their attention. Look at the headlines of articles in tabloids. Of course, you do not have to lie, but put a controversial thesis and explain its meaning in the email.

3. Use urgency
There are some words that attract peoples’ attention immediately. Lines such as “Now, only for 5 days, a few hours left, don’t be late” push people to act at that moment, because the offer will disappear quickly.

4. Use the numbers
People like numbers because they are specific and can be easily imagined. The sentence “A lot of people run a business without a strategy” looks worse than " 60% of entrepreneurs run their businesses without a strategy”.

5. Submit an offer
Some people are so busy that they do not read e-mails if they think they are spam or need to look for offers in the middle of the message. Sometimes it is worth to write about particulars in the subject line.

6. Keep it short
Almost 80% of emails open taking place on mobile devices. Use fewer than 50 characters to make sure people read the entire subject line and nothing will be cut off.

7. Tell what is inside

If you want to get people to download your ebook, don’t waste your time to create a catchy subject line that will be mysterious and too catchy. Keep it simple and write that you send them your magnificent ebook.


These are just a few tips on how to write a good subject line to a marketing email. Now it’s time to try it in different recipients and analyze your results.