How to write better marketing emails?

7 stycznia 2019 14:02

Let's say I am going to send marketing, plain text email to my audience. How to do it to gain new customers? Do you know some basic rules that should be followed?

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7 stycznia 2019 14:06

E-mail marketing and list building is the basic technique for promoting a company. See how to write much better and more effective mailings, avoid unnecessary problems and finally, catch your audience attention. 

1. Background and color

When choosing an email template, it's better to stay with the classic background colors - white and shades of gray. Writing, for example, white letters on a colored background can make the content unreadable and will torment the eyes of the reader - especially that the screens of mobile devices may display color differently than it is visible on our computer. For the same reasons don't use too many or too heavy graphics in the footers or the content itself. 

2. The word of introduction

There is nothing more unkind than sending a "dry" email with an offer (e.g. a product or service) without a word of introduction to a potential customer. If you do not want your email to go straight to the recipient's basket, try to warm it up a bit by adding a few words of introduction. A few courtesy sentences in which you tell the recipient what you expect from him and why you write to him is an absolute necessity.

3. Make sure to whom you are writing

If you want to contact the company's president, but you have not received a direct address, it will be in a good tone to contact the secretary or assistant and ask for the appropriate form of communication. If you are writing to someone for the first time, do not shorten the distance by writing, for example, 'Mr. John' or 'Mrs. Kate'. The correct phrases are "Dear Sir," "Madam." You can also add the name of the position held by the addressee.