How to Write Better Headlines?

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2 stycznia 2019 11:41

Creating good headlines or titles is extremely important. So how should a good title look like? It should be very curious at the same time, but at the same time, he can not mislead the reader. Below we present a list of tips that will help you achieve this goal. 1. Start with the working title Before you come up with a great, catchy title, think about a topic that will simply define what you're going to write about. This will give you some framework for what you want to describe or present but at the same time, you will not have to wait until you come up with the right title, which often comes to your mind when creating the content. 2. Do not mislead your recipients The title is a kind of promise about content. You can not promise to your recipient anything that you can not promise because they will become disappointed and eventually will ignore you. 3. The title must be attractive Just because you are not allowed to lie or manipulate the recipient does not mean that you have no right to try to interest him and charm you with his title. Not only do you have the right, but you should do it. 4. The appropriate length of the title The length of the title matters. If it is too long - it discourages recipients, if too short, it also generally arouses little interest. Statistics show that titles with a minimum of 4 words and a maximum of about 14 words works best. 5. Adjust the titles for social media In general, titles will naturally fit in terms of social media. It is worth remembering that they should not be too long, otherwise we may have a rasp in the case of Twitter. However, the nature of the header is such that its length should not exceed 120-130 characters, so we calmly fit in the limit set by Twitter. Writing a good headline is one of the most difficult tasks when creating any entries - regardless of whether it concerns a marketer or a journalist.