How to write an ebook?

11 grudnia 2018 14:09

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15 stycznia 2019 15:48

How to write an e-book? Actually, there is no unambiguous answer. Maybe with the exception of the technical approach - what the ebook should contain and how it should look like.

How to create an ebook?


#step one

Write content. In the beginning, it is easy, simple and pleasant. You have an idea, a vena, sit down and write. Later it getting worse and worse ... You do not always have the "right mood for writing". In the end, the material fatigue and you think that you write the same thing over and over. You can not run away from that, unfortunately. But if you want to write an ebook - then you have to write its content.

# step two

Graphic design is something necessary. In Canva, you can choose from dozens of e-book projects. You choose not only the layout of the cover but also the appearance of the pages in the middle, which harmonizes with the cover. And of course - as in Canva - all colors and pictures can be changed to suit the e-book for your branding.

# step three

The next step is the editorial office. First of all, the written text must "lie down." For larger, more extensive projects, it will be helpful to use printing to the editorial office of the text. You will be surprised at how many typos, missing commas and strange phrases (shortcuts) you will find in your own book

# step four

The cover is important. "A book is known after the cover", right? Truth! There are a lot of choices – you can find a cover that will be perfect for you.

# step five

The existence of an ebook in your drawer is not quite pointless. Talk about your ebook where you can: among relatives, family, and friends, on your blog, in your social channels. The promotion of an e-book is always extremely important. Regardless of whether you want to distribute it for free or for signing up for the newsletter, or sell it as your own product, it is worth working on it to reach the widest possible audience.