How to write an ebook?

21 stycznia 2019 13:24

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21 stycznia 2019 13:25

Ebooks are becoming more and more popular, especially as a solid element of content marketing strategy and a perfect way to collect leads. Many businesses, personal blogs, and websites attract potential customers and fans by creating a helpful guide for some life aspects.  They are often a big part of content marketing. The goal is one – visitor goes to our website, see the opportunity to get some helpful knowledge he searched for and type his email address to sign up and get the ebook. 


The process of writing an ebook:

1.    Choose a topic 

It should match the needs of your audience. Without attracting them with the incentive of helpful content, nobody would be interested in reading it. The topic should not deviate from the topic you cover in your other platforms. This has to be something that your audience knows something about and it encourages them to learn even more about. Consider what content is the most often read and what can you say about it to spread their knowledge.  The perfect situation is to create something people can’t easily get for free.

2.    Do the first research

If you feel like a master of this topic, that is perfect. However, you should check if there are any other sources than your knowledge that brings up this subject. Unpack and expand your core idea. Get as much information about your topic as you can and write them down. Sometimes another source can help to approach the topic from another side and bring you some fresh ideas and a new point of view.

3.    Organize the details

Now it’s time to rearrange and organize the way you would like your ebook to flow. What is needed to be shown first? – the basis should be at the beginning. Think about the technical aspects of your ebook – distribution places, file formats, length and number of chapters.

4.    Outline the chapters

Consider what is worth having its own chapter. Keep in mind that ebook does not need to be long, but consistent. What would educate your audience best and how? Segregate your topics and give them the names of the chapters. Give each group a similar amount of information - then the chapters will have a similar length.

5.    Write

It’s time to actual writing. Avoid bloviating but try to make every sentence bring something revealing to your readers’ knowledge. Don’t worry about stylistic elements yet. Just write. Remember that it takes a lot of time, even when you create a short ebook.

6.    Adjustment time

Review everything and ask for an adjustment. Even the best writer can make some spelling mistakes. Ask someone to read it, and make adjustments. A professional proofreader would be the best option.

7.    Take care about the technical aspects

What would be the title of your ebook? Who is going to prepare the visuals? What colors and pictures will your ebook contain?  If you decide to work with a graphic designer or illustrator, give them short brief so that they can create what you need best. It is also time to add a good, eye-catching cover. It’s a major marketing tool.

8.    Distribute 

You probably already know all your distribution channels, so now it’s finally time to do it. If the main distribution place is your website, try to make the ebook visible with clear instructions on how to get it. Little marketing on social media wouldn’t mind as well. 


Okay, you have Just finished working on your ebook.

Encourage readers, collect their opinions and after a while, draw conclusions about profits it brought to you.