How to write a cover letter?

19 grudnia 2018 16:31

What are best practices for writing a cover letter? How long should it be?

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19 grudnia 2018 16:32

Most of the recruiters demand from the candidate to submit along with a CV a cover letter – sometimes it is mandatory and sometimes – candidate’s choice. There are no doubts that it is always better to apply with as many documents as possible – it multiplies your chances to be admitted and to achieve your potential. Nowadays recruiters count on the cover letter and they find there the answer on a question whether the candidate fits the position. A cover letter is a balance between showing your best sides, talking about yourself and staying objective and know your self-worth. You have to emphasize your advantages, strongest skills and knowledge. In case of having successful projects done by you that are relevant to a new job – mentioning is mandatory! It is also about your understanding of the job position you apply for and the company you want to work with. Show them your interest in their values and goals, awareness of the strategies and appreciation of the uniqueness of the products/services they offer. A modern word cannot be imaged without social media. You are connected to social media websites and you do not need to hide this! Share the links and show that you are a social person who is in the trends; even if your job is not connected with social media at all you have to mention your activity. Recruiters and potential employers are always Wonder how your social life looks like. Starting the job you become a member of a team but not only a worker who follows the tasks. A cover letter can be prepared in text form or colorful format as a picture including main points of your application. Creativity is that always appreciated by the recruiters – it is a sign – you differ from other candidates.