How to work smarter?

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15 stycznia 2019 15:45

We all, who are often, from time to time, find ourselves in a situation where we need to do a certain task in a short time, but for various reasons, we don’t have time. Someone quickly "burns out", losing the starting enthusiasm, someone on the contrary harnesses for a long time. And there is hardly a person in the world who is unfamiliar with such situations.

How to work smarter?

1# No multitasking

Weaknesses: you are not concentrated, pay little attention to several actions at once, in the end - you do not do any of them qualitatively. These observations are proved by science — the human brain cannot receive and analyze information, being equally focused on different matters. Therefore, it is important to understand that multitasking is not a few things at a time, but a quick switch between tasks and alternating them with rest.

2# Eliminate distraction

Put the phone in silent mode and keep, turn off notifications about new messages in social networks and mail, if necessary, install special programs that will temporarily block access to selected Internet resources. After that, get to work. You will see that, ultimately, you can do more if you stay focused on the task by sorting out incoming mail and answering calls later.

3# Take breaks

Research confirmed - the concentration of attention remains extremely high for 30 minutes - an hour. During these mini-breaks, you can do a little exercise for the body and eyes, hold a short meditation session, make tea, or just admire the view from the window.

4# Imagine the ultimate goal

Visualize the result from the beginning. Focus on the feelings that you will experience when you complete the task. And stay focused on it until the work is completed. So you do not risk to go astray, because you know exactly what awaits you at the end and what step you need to do next.

5# Celebrate small victories

Any large-scale projects require a large number of actions for their full implementation. Therefore, reward yourself for each stage you have completed - eat something tasty, buy a new thing, go to the movies. This will help develop positive attitudes and contribute to motivation. The work will be easier to progress if every successful action is associated with something pleasant. By following these rules, you will be more productive and your work will be more enjoyable.