How to use Twitter for bussiness?

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2 stycznia 2019 15:29

More and more companies use Twitter in business - to conduct market research, familiarize customers with the brand, PR activities and to inform about the most important attractions, conferences, and banquets. Twitter makes it possible to spread the brand, and thus gives many new opportunities. 1/ Increasing the coverage of the sales network. Through Twitter, you can join thematic groups related to business activities consistent with your company profile, you can also obtain valuable information by browsing other people's entries. Your company will gain new clients and potential business partners. Enter keywords related to your business on Twitter and familiarize yourself with people interested in the same field. Everyone can use Twitter to build their own brand. Potential customers will see you as an open person to society. Twitter is designed to enable the creation of consistent and lasting ties for future benefits. 2/ Sharing experiences to build credibility. If you run free training, workshops, seminars and other meetings, post on Twitter. You can also include links to presentations and videos on Twitter. Twitter will help direct people's attention to important events in your company. Offer assistance to people who are looking for a solution to the problem in the field you are dealing with. Share your ideas in a given case by posting links to articles and broadcasts that will increase traffic to your website. 3/ Twitter for companies primarily carries out image-related tasks, although it can equally become something like the online customer service office of your company. Many brands practice this so that customers have the ability to easily communicate with them, without the need for, for example, making telephone calls. Twitter also works as a traffic generator on other websites, which we mentioned in one of the points.