How to use Pinterest for marketing and business?

3 stycznia 2019 14:22

Every day, millions of people use Pinterest to find ideas for different areas of life. People use Pinterest to discover and save ideas. Ideas can take many forms, from recipes, through renovation projects, to a perfect pair of shoes. Each idea is represented by Pina, which contains a picture, description, and link to the image source on the Internet. When a user clicks Pina's URL, he can learn more about him and take appropriate action. Both Pinitors and companies publish content on Pinterest. Users can add things they like, from any site, using our browser extensions and the Save button. After adding Pinu, users will see it in their news and search results. Companies can also create Pins to attract customers' attention to offered products, build brand awareness and increase sales. You can use Pinterest in a variety of ways: users search for things that interest them, browse news for new ideas, and look at the boards of other users to see if something catches their attention. When they like something, they write such a Pin on their own board or click on Pina's URL to learn more, visit the store or make a purchase. Who is suitable for promotion in Pinterest: businesses for which the visual component is important. Restaurants, coffee houses with an unusual interior and menus, beauty salons, handyman masters, stylists, photographers. In general, any business that is willing to invest in high-quality visual content. Pinterest analytics is available in the Pinterest business account. This is data on pins and boards: clicks, impressions, save. Data can be obtained for different devices. Prepare your website before promoting a brand or company on Pinterest. You can choose the tools that suit you from those offered by the platform.