How to use Instagram stories?

19 grudnia 2018 16:26

How to use it for a business profile?

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19 grudnia 2018 16:27

One of the new online marketing tools is Instagram Stories – temporary posts that are available for 24 hours. With this instrument, you can capture short moments adding some design, effects or text. These short video series or temporary photos have any advantages but the biggest that they get a ton of engagement and views. What you should do? Choose the ‘plus’ on the left corner at the top of the screen when your Instagram app is open, record maximum 15 seconds video or make a photo that will appear for 10 seconds on the screen. The first step is done ☺ And this step is one of the most important because it is a part of your big content but we will come to this point later. Then you can edit your photo or video with an effect; add stickers, emojis, gifs; complete material with the text or simply add a hashtag or location. Why it is useful? It makes your photo more interactive and emotional. What is more, Stories can be recorded not only in standard mood but as a boomerang, superzoom, rewind. All of these video effects play an important role in visualization and perception of the information you share. After posting stories you will not get any likes: just views or direct messages. Statistics will be feedback you get after post. You can also see who is your viewer and you can describe your target group. The main question is what to post on Instagram Stories? For your business, it will be the best option to post office events, demonstrate the products, and promote the events you organize. Do not forget – you can make a live broadcast there – and this option is more popular on Instagram than on Facebook among the users.