How to use Evernote for marketing?

11 stycznia 2019 16:14

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11 stycznia 2019 16:14

Evernote is a web service and software suite for creating and storing notes. A note can be a fragment of formatted text, a web page entirely, a photo, an audio file, or a handwritten recording.


1. Make more notes and notebooks than you used to.

Search for notes is fast, even if you create one notebook for each topic and one note for each component of this topic.


2. Save frequently used search queries.

To do this, enter a search query, press ENTER, then go to the menu Edit - Search and click Save Search. Now this query will be stored in the search drop-down menu under your recent queries.


3. Try to visualize every note and add attachments

Try to use them as often as possible. To speed up your work, use the Web Clipper extension, which helps you quickly save sites to Evernote in the form of screenshots or text, as well as the Skitch application to create annotations on images.


4. Translate all the papers that you have in a digital form - including business cards

Remember: the more you store in Evernote, the more convenient it is, so feel free to put business cards, documents, checks, bills and everything else there. Moreover, the application can quickly read data from them and translate them into text format.


5. Link notes with internal links.

If one note is not enough, you can put internal links between notes: in the menu called by right-click on the note, select Copy Link Note, and then select the desired part of the text in another note, right-click and select Link - Add, after Copy the link from the clipboard into the field that appears and press Enter.


6. Create templates for different types of notes.

In order not to waste time on their design, create a note template and save it as a separate file in ENEX format (you can simply move the note to the folder you need).