How to think of better ideas in marketing or sales position?

3 stycznia 2019 14:12

To act independently, to think freely, to sincerely desire the new - each of us can become a truly creative person. It is evident that to change our lives; we must start by changing our way of thinking. No matter you are working is sales, marketing, IT, or any other field. Be inspired by solutions below. 1. RECORD YOUR IDEAS Start keeping a journal of ideas. Many of us have such notebooks, but not everyone knows how to use them. The effectiveness of the magazine you will understand over time, when you can build analogies 2. ENABLE DATA BANK This is a special container where you can put ideas and so-called "triggers". This may be unusual business cards of your new acquaintances, original handouts, paradoxical quotes, maybe some small items of unusual shape. In general, any "material evidence" of other people's creativity that will push you to new challenges. 3. LOVE SPONTANEOUS Promise to surprise yourself more often. Try new recipes. In a word, break the established routine so that your brain is constantly nourished by something new. 4. EXPERIMENT If you prefer to act than think, start acting. With one small difference. Open yourself to trying things other than you have been doing so far. Experiments. New ways at the beginning may be less comfortable and require more effort, but in many cases, these additional outlays pay off. If an experiment like a new attachment, for example, fails, you can always go back to best practices. In moments when you have to make an important decision, it is worth stopping for a moment and thinking about different possibilities. The clarity of thinking at such moments can decide whether you make a good choice for you.