How to talk about pricing to don't scare customers?

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7 stycznia 2019 14:19

Every entrepreneur knows that the price of his offer includes a lot of components. But the client has neither the time nor the desire to understand it. He wants to save. We all want to get the best at the best price. What to do to keep the price the same and not lose a customer?

Step 1. Make sure price-related information is clearly visible on your website. Your prospective customer needs to understand what he pays for.

Step 2. Make sure that:

- the customer sees potential value in your product/service

- and believes that the purchase will help solve his question/problem;

- make 100% sure this person is ready to buy.

In 90% of cases when a potential client asks for a discount, one of these 3 conditions is not met. If a person does not fully see the value in your product or does not believe that he will be useful to him, tell and show him the benefits of your offer.

Step 3. Handling objections

However, there is another sales secret. All people are different. And you need to talk about the price with them in different ways, depending on what makes them ask for a discount. 

It is not necessary to reduce the cost. Get a few trumps from your sleeve and get the coveted sale at your price. If you did everything right, the person simply will not have the opportunity to resist your price and purchase.