How to stay productive offline?

2 stycznia 2019 10:57


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2 stycznia 2019 10:58

Technology, laptops, smartphones and the Internet have become an integral part of our lives for us, but to increase your productivity, try to do as much as possible in your "offline" mode. Often such a simple disconnection from the computer and technology, writing by hand with a simple card and a pen, can benefit to affect your efficiency and stimulate your imagination. Create the main list Here are all the things that we think should be done. We do not use the system of priorities or organize them in any way. The only requirement - every item on the list must be a viable task. Create a list for today Open a blank card, enter the date, paste the Post-It tab. We are transferring onto paper everything that clutters our mind. The order does not matter. Now you can go back to the previous days, find all the non-completed (postponed) tasks and enter the to-do list for today. Working on a daily list We choose 3 or 4 main tasks and put in the middle of the dot. After completing them, we go to the next 3 most important tasks, etc. As with shopping lists, the condition is one - you only work on items on the list. If something new happens, you enter the list and check your priorities again. Reset If you need to move the entire context, start from the beginning, that is, return to the main list, delete cases that are no longer valid and then create new tasks. A good rest is the source of effective work. Choose one or several of the above methods and try them in practice to improve your productivity while staying offline. Thanks to this, it will be possible to achieve the intended goals without access to the Internet.