How to start using video in marketing?

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19 grudnia 2018 16:42

Have you ever thought about why YouTube is one of the most popular social media technologies nowadays? There may be many answers on that question, but two of them – the most appropriate. First of all, users accept visual information easily; they are also able to concentrate on video material because of physiological features. Video affects human brains’ processes, emotions, and mood and can encourage acting. Then, the second argument why video is so powerful is that people can see the real picture or action that happen or may happen in their life; they see real personalities who tell something that creates an image of real conversation. Why do not use video in marketing strategy then? Before asking yourself about HOW to make a video there should be a clear understanding of WHAT you want to show. There are different ways of presenting your company or products through the videos. One of the options is demonstrating products and the way they can be implemented. It is important to see not only the photo but video where this product looks like in reality. The stronger effect will be in case of demonstrating the product by real customers. By the way, customers who express their emotions, share the feelings and opinion – the proven way to your successful video marketing strategy. Along with customers experts can be invited to participate as well. Another strong video trick is providing live streams from the events or Q&A sessions, conversations with influencers, etc. Live broadcasts become more and more popular on Instagram and Facebook; they let people feel part of the event without being present there just having a phone with a good Internet connection. Do not forget - always show to the customers that they are the part of your business and be always thankful to them for their devotion.