How to start one to one marketing?

19 grudnia 2018 11:44

What is 1-2-1 marketing and how to start?

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19 grudnia 2018 11:46

1:1 marketing, also known as individual marketing, is the marketing approach in which there is a direct communication between a customer and a company’s representative. It can also apply to data collection and analysis strategies focused on obtaining information about individual clients, as opposed to entire groups of them. The goal is the same. Getting to know a singular client and delivering him products and services based on this information. 1:1 Pros for the company: Due to the progress in technology, gathering individualized data is easier and more effective than ever. Automated email communication allows you to respond to specific actions of your customers. You can offer them another product after they made a purchase, or even send them a birthday gift card, to build loyalty. Be it in person, or by using information gathered digitally, you can adjust your offer and demeanor to customer expectations. Psychological sales techniques are also more effective in this way, especially in person. 1:1 Pros for the customer: Despite the convenience of online shopping, many people feel the need to be treated individually. They value the ability to ask direct questions, get recommendations and even haggle. Trained salesmen can accommodate those needs. He can build a personal relationship with a customer, making him comfortable and more likely to return ( and spend more money). To a certain degree, automated systems like chatbots and personalized emails can satisfy those needs. But direct person to person contact (not necessarily in person, thanks to phones and text communicators) is usually appreciated much more. 1:1 Cons: Focusing on singular clients can be limiting, inefficient and technologically overwhelming. Trained retail assistants are expensive and have limited capacity to service customers. To maintain and utilize a customer database you need a proper CRM system. Sloppy implementation of such a system can severely limit its benefits. You need to consider whether or not you have the ability and need to go all in on one to one marketing.