How to start content marketing?

15 stycznia 2019 14:44

Content marketing means preparing content and publishing it via selected communication channels in order to achieve previously defined marketing goals. If you want to start with content marketing for your company you need to answer the following questions:


#1 Who is your audience? Even if you are a small company you should create your personas to better customize your content.

#2 What is your content marketing goal? Without defined goals, you won’t be a content marketer but only a person that publish random texts on the Internet.

#3 What content format you are going to publish? You can choose between content forms like blog posts, podcasts, videos and many more. Does it serve to achieve your goals?

#4 What channels do you find the most proper for your audience? Is it rather email, social media or maybe paid ads? The list is open and the format depends on what you want to achieve.

#5 How to measure your content campaign effects? Which metrics do you want to measure? The goal which isn’t measurable is a wish and daydreams alone seldom produce results.

#6 In the end, think what resources do you have? Content marketing is not for free, you need to dedicate a lot of time or money to create good tactics and prepare high-quality content.


Content marketing become super popular and this trend still grows. Whatever you publish, keep your communication relevant to your business. If you create your content marketing strategy taking care of all mentioned points, it will become a win-win solution, giving value to your target audience and realizing your company objectives.