How to start a sales presentation that rocks?

7 stycznia 2019 11:14

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7 stycznia 2019 11:16

It won’t be anything new - the first impression is always the most important. It determines what we think about the person we are talking or listening to. It is similar when it comes to sales presentation - how we present ourselves and what we say at the very beginning of our speech has a huge impact on whether we interest the audience and build up trust. Here are some tips on how to start a sales presentation that rocks:

1. Get attention

People who listen to a sales presentation are often bored and not interested in the topic at all. They think that the only thing you want to do is sell them something. Surprise them with something. Without grabbing their attention, you’ve already lost them.

2. Welcome your audience

Under stress people sometimes forget to get along with the listeners or even to introduce themselves. It’s a polite habit and prevents the audience from wondering who you are and what you want from them.

3. Precise what are you going to talk about and how it will change them after hearing you

Give listeners hope that after your presentation they won’t be the same people as they were before.

4. Tell a story

Storytelling is nothing new. People have always loved to inspire by others’ life. Try to sell as little as possible and focus on telling stories and personal thoughts. It builds a connection between you and the recipients.

5. Make eye contact or even turn to someone directly

It makes them not only feel closer to you but also evokes a duty to listen - who knows, maybe in some time you will turn to them? 

These are really just a few pieces of advice. Remember: at the beginning of every presentation, the main thing is to attract an audience. If you don’t, you lost them.