How to send abandoned cart emails?

15 stycznia 2019 14:37

Nowadays consumers are more conscious when it comes to online shopping than it was a few years ago. It’s the sign that all marketers and e-commerce owners need to establish procedures on shopping cart abandonment events.

Regardless of the reason why your clients left the cart, you probably only have a few hours to win them back. How to do it? Try it with our three steps communication plan.


Step 1: Send a kind reminder. A few hours after shopping cart abandonment you should send the first email. Create a kind message, asking the customer whether he had technical difficulties while finalizing the payment, was the process taking too long or was too complex? Present possible solutions, ask for feedback and kindly remind about the items left in the cart.

Step 2: Create a sense of urgency. Wait at least 24 hours before you send the second email. This time your client should be notified the item he/she is interested in is about to finish. Create a sense of urgency but don’t be too salesy to don’t ruin your efforts.

Step 3: Offer something extra. If you decide to send another email you need to be delicate and encouraging to finalize the process. It’s a good practice if you offer something for free. It can be free delivery or special discount. Some customers add new items to the cart even though they don’t have the intent to buy the product. It’s not possible to persuade all customers to complete the transaction but it’s worth to win back as many clients as possible.