How to quit your job in a professional way?

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2 stycznia 2019 14:44

The reasons for leaving the employer are very different. If the lack of professional satisfaction is reflected in your private life is a clear sign to change something in life and move forward. How to quit a job in a professional way? 1# Notify about your plans much sooner Depending on the contract, your notice period is from 2 weeks to 6 months. However, it's worth letting you know about your plans to leave earlier. This will allow your company to prepare smoothly for all possible changes caused by your departure. You will also do elegantly, not throwing papers, and giving your superiors a known advance notice. 2# At the beginning, inform your immediate superior Employees who have close ties with their superiors should inform them first that they want to leave before the formal notice is given. First of all, it is worth caring for relationships and behaving fairly - it also means that it is a little unfair, when our supervisor, he will learn about our departure from the email from the HR department. 3# Be firm but do not criticize When you quit your job, you probably catch a better career opportunity. It is not so difficult to explain to your boss. What else if you quit because you are simply dissatisfied. It is worth talking about it with your immediate supervisor. First, maybe you will work out a solution. And even if the door handle is lost, avoid criticizing the entire company and structure. Focus on what you feel, which makes it difficult for you to find yourself in a given workplace. 4# Do not burn bridges Even if you are very dissatisfied and pissed off by the professional situation, it is better to describe it as if you were parting with an unwanted boyfriend, saying "it's not about you, it's about me". You never know who you will work within the future and it’s better to part in the best possible atmosphere for both parties The above actions will allow you to quit your job based on a professional approach.