How to prepare marketing for St. Patrick's Day?

16 stycznia 2019 09:38

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16 stycznia 2019 09:40

When St. Patrick's Day comes everything becomes green. The celebration of that day was actually shaped by the marketing so now we can use it in our marketing and pay attention to two facts: we follow the important days and we remind about us.

Saint Patrick is not so Irish legend as he is posed but his story is connected to England, Ireland and the even US. He was the person who populated Christianity but he had his troubles on that way. The celebrations of Saint Patrick ’s Day started in the US since 18 century and became more and more extensive each year. In Dublin, it started later but the celebrations transformed from the small military parades to big fests rapidly. The Green color appeared in a song so that was a beginning of green boom  The government representatives once exchanged presents in that day, later on, postcards, souvenirs, clothes appeared and the commercial process was launched. 

We can use that day and symbolic meaning of it is one of the elements of marketing strategy. Green color and that topic can be used in the products you propose, you can produce small presents for customers and partners. As in other days, it is simply can be promoted or sales dedicated to Saint Patrick's Day. Find a fest or an event and participate in it. Create a group of representatives and use that event to promote your brand, find new contacts and just have fun!