How to prepare a brand positioning strategy?

22 stycznia 2019 14:30

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22 stycznia 2019 14:32

Brand positioning falls into the category of marketing efforts aimed at creating a reason for the customer to purchase the services of your company. The economic goal of branding is to ensure that the conscious needs of customers, their expectations of the benefits of the transaction and your marketing will be brought together in a single plane, aimed at achieving profit. 

In the professional environment of marketers, one can hear such a comparison - brand positioning is a key to a systematic and organized search for a “window” in the client’s head. This approach is based on the concept that communication with the target audience can only be carried out at the right time and under the right circumstances. Also in the specialized literature, this concept is referred to as a positioning strategy, a brand strategy or a statement about brand positioning.

Business needs to create unique impressions in the mind of the client so that he associates something specific and desirable for him with your company, which differs markedly from the rest of the market. The basic idea of the brand strategy is to identify potential niches for sales growth and try to create a “powerful outpost” for the business as a whole or for an individual service in particular, using various marketing strategies, including pricing, promotion, service and forms of competition.

In determining the brand positioning strategy, it is useful to initially think about four key issues:

- What target audience should a brand be associated with?

- How will your business differ from competitors?

- What emotional or rational benefits should a brand be associated with?

- What evidence needs to be demonstrated to make the market believe?

The priority goal of brand positioning lies in relevance - the degree of compliance with expectations and results. Customers must find your brand attractive. If not, your business will not be on the “priority list,” no matter how differentiated or trustworthy it is.