How to plan a webinar?

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15 stycznia 2019 15:22

People love watching webinars. It’s an easy way to get useful knowledge or entertainment, and what’s even better, it’s for free. Conscious bloggers know about it and quickly learn how to use this lead magnet to increase blog traffic, earn money or become an authority in a presented topic. Whether you are a blogger or online business owner give your brand a chance to shine like a (webinar) star ;)

But how to organize it? Well, step-by-step...


Step 1: Choose a webinar topic and format Start from the topic that fits your brand.

Step 2: Decide if your webinar will be conducted by one or more speakers, if it will be an interactive discussion with your audience, or maybe in the format or an interview?

Step 3: Plan the visuals Prepare dynamic but easy to understand visual content.

Step 4: Pick a webinar tool Chose a webinar platform that fills your needs best. Remember to test the tool before you start.

Step 5: Create a scenario People love videos but they also demand high-quality content. Create an engaging scenario and think what you, as a customer want to hear while attending webinars.

Step 6: Prepare your equipment Prepare your electrical devices and details that play a significant role while running a webinar. Good light, nice outfit and quiet room without noises in the background will be a key to professional video.

Step 7: Registration and access Before you start the marketing campaign about the webinar, you need to decide what’s the price of the webinar or if you want to share it for free. How many people can access your video? What is your targeted group?

Step 8: Publish your webinar In the end, it’s time to plan your webinar marketing campaign. Find a catchy title for your content, create an encouraging description. It’s helpful to add information about the intended audience for the webinar - is it content for beginners or rather more advanced people?

When it’s done, there is only one task left.. publish!