How to optimize my blog for mobile?

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2 stycznia 2019 11:02

Smartphones and mobile internet dominate our reality. Going by public transport, being in a restaurant or at a family meeting, it's hard not to meet a person who would not browse the internet on the phone. This raises some problems socially, but also a challenge for website owners and bloggers. To follow the user, you must have a service optimized for mobile. Do not underestimate this topic - a blog adapted to mobile devices can bring a lot of benefits. Adjust the viewport If the site does not have a viewport meta tag, modern mobile browsers will not detect an optimized version of the page and show the version for computers. As a result, the text on the page may appear too large. Website optimization for mobile devices should start with setting the viewport tag and setting the parameter width = device-width. Adapt the size of the content for the viewing area On mobile sites, users prefer to see vertical scrolling rather than horizontal scrolling. Specifying the viewing area, make sure that your content does not go beyond. Remember that there are many standards of width for screens of mobile devices. Use easily readable size fonts. The site on which visitors have to zoom in to read the text on the smartphone screen, can not be considered optimized. PageSpeed ​​Insights checks if the font size on the site is suitable for users of mobile devices. Increase the size of the active elements on the page The touch area with touch controls is much larger than the mouse cursor, and it is not always possible to click the desired button or link. It annoys users of smartphones and tablets. Make sure that the size of the active elements allows you to hit them with your finger. Technical issues related to blogging can make you sleep on your eyes, but you need to take care of some of them to increase the site's accessibility for users. A blog adapted to mobile devices is one of those issues that should be considered at the stage of launching the website, later to enjoy the high viewership of the site both on standard desktops, as well as on smartphones and tablets.