How to optimize a press release?

7 stycznia 2019 14:27

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7 stycznia 2019 14:28

The development of digital technologies and online services has completely changed the rules for the preparation of press releases. If earlier they simply announced new appointments, talked about new products and services, today they have one more task - to attract potential users to the company or product site. In order for the release to perform this work, text search optimization is needed - then the search engines will be able to quickly find the news and offer it in response to search queries. 

Here are five basic tips to help optimize your press releases:


1. Use popular keywords

For a noticeable level of press release to be higher, it must contain phrases that users search for regularly. Determine which phrases are used most often: this can be done using the free tool GoogleAdwords. Enter the keywords that you think your target audience uses when searching, and determine the number of requests. If the number of requests is large, then the key phrase is often entered in the search.


2. Use keywords in title and text.

When you understand which key phrases from those that suit you are most often requested, include them in the headline, subtitle and main text of the press release.


3. Do not forget about hyperlinks.

Include hyperlinks in the press release - preferably no more than one or two, as a rule, they lead to the company or product site. The link is useful not only in terms of search engine optimization but also helps to attract readers of the press release to your site, thereby increasing its attendance.


4. Include images and video in text.

Add images, videos, file attachments and audio tracks to your press release. Thanks to this, it will be easier for you to interest the user, and he will stay on the page longer.


5. Distribute on the correct channels

Use PRonline's press release distribution services to reach the largest possible audience.