How to motivate yourself whole day as a marketer?

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3 stycznia 2019 14:05

We rarely feel internally motivated. Usually, we do not want to do certain things, and we have to force ourselves to others. Just think about how many great ideas you gave up because you lacked the motivation to implement them? Work in marketing is challenging, and you can feel tired by many tasks you need to complete every day. But there are methods to stay motivated for all day. See following tricks for motivation, check what works for you best, don't be afraid to mix them and combine: 1. Set yourself goals This is the absolute basics. Setting goals sets your mind to achieve them. Before you start doing something, think carefully about what you want to make. It's much easier to be motivated when you know what the effect of your action is. What goals to set? Let them be ambitious - the bigger the target, the more stimulated for your mind. 2. List the benefits Take an empty card and a pen, and start writing out all the benefits that come to your mind in connection with the task. More free time, the joy of a loved one, receiving remuneration, the opportunity to meet friends, learn something new. 3. Plan Plan exactly what you have to do. Awareness of what the effect should look like is not always enough. Planning also allows you to see the whole process, not just the result. Each complex task is composed of the simplest elements. 4. Use the five minutes method When you have something to do that you do not want to do, decide to do it for only five minutes. Tell yourself "five minutes, not longer." Such a perspective will make it easier for you to take on this task, and moreover - it will often turn out that when you do something for these five minutes, you will not finish after these five minutes, but you will do it much longer than you planned. If we succeed, the motivation will always be with us. Even when we are not in the best mood. Motivation should not be a strong, short-lived shot of energy for action, but a deep and stable sense that we like our lives and we will be happy to do whatever we have planned.