How to make your customers love you?

3 stycznia 2019 14:19

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3 stycznia 2019 14:20

Today, customers have more driving power than ever. One click separates us from the client's love for his hatred. It takes only a moment, and an unsatisfied customer releases an opinion about us, eg on Facebook. Immediately we can be blacklisted by those who do not love their clients. So what are we to do to make them love us? ALWAYS LISTEN TO THE CUSTOMER! With understanding, it means asking questions. There is nothing worse than being deaf to the customer's needs and talking only about your products and services. Using questions, we build relationships with the client and are able to help him solve his problems. That's why we should listen twice as much as talk. " If we listen to them, our chances of doing business will definitely increase. GIVE MORE THAN EXPECT If a client who has already used our services calls to advise him on something, talk to him. And do not take extra money for it. If you add something to the product you are selling, which the customer does not expect, then you will also get his sympathy. Just do not let it be a cheesy pen - rather something original, different than before, which will surprise you. MAKE ANYTHING TO BE EXCEPTED Therefore, do special things for them. What does it mean? The simplest solutions are the best. Example? You have already finished repairing the client's flat some time ago, then call him asking him how he lives now. Send newsletters, but with a short private message directed directly to the person. Invite to company events. PROFESSIONALISM MORE EVERYTHING Receive calls from customers, especially problematic ones. And if you can not pick up at a given moment, it's definitely a callback. The customer will know that he can count on your contact. If you send an offer, let it be of very good quality. Take care, for example, about the lack of typos, justification or the right graphics. If you have already done the service or sold the product, do not forget about your client. From time to time, write, call and remind yourself. Remember that a satisfied customer is one who will gladly come back to you!