How to make 'Thank you' pages that convert?

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2 stycznia 2019 11:48

Remember that a properly built thank you page is the perfect place to create the perfect first impression. Nice design, nice words, appropriate direction for possible further steps. All this makes you grow your attachment to a given brand or simply to the whole situation. What elements does the perfect thank you page contain? 1. Gratitude Obvious, but how important. Fulfilling the assumed goal should be crowned with thanks. In addition, transferred in such a way that it does not look artificial. This is a good moment to create a personalized message suitable for a specific situation. 2. Presenting the benefits If we do any activities on the internet, we do it for something. We have a goal in this, we want to achieve something. So you should talk about the benefits that the user has (or only gets) by fulfilling your goal. 3. Consequence If you have your own colors, colors - just style - then your thank you page should not break out of this scheme. Design it so that it is an integral part of the website and does not look completely detached from the previous steps that the user went through. 4. Instructions If you require the user to take some additional action (such as confirming the subscription to the newsletter by clicking the link in the e-mail), then information about this should appear in the right place and in the right form. 5. Only the necessary content A thank you page is not a place for any content. You should only find what is required on it. In an accessible and easily absorbable form. Additionally, remember the rule that says the most important content should be visible "at the entrance". The user should not be forced to scroll the screen. 6. Information analysis A thank you page can be a great place to use a meter that will indicate what percentage of users reach this stage. You must know what percentage of people are doing this step. Of course, one of the basic ways to obtain this type of data is to use Google Analytics. As you can see, it can really depend on it. It is a pity, therefore, to ignore the possibilities that this sub-site uses.