How to make marketing for millennials?

3 stycznia 2019 14:53

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3 stycznia 2019 14:54

Millennials, or "Generation Y," is the name given to the generation of young people born in 1985-2000 and meeting the new millennium at a young age. And now the period is just beginning when millennials become the largest group of consumers of goods.

Marketing strategies change every day, but thanks to useful tips you can quickly adapt and find an approach to the youngest clients.


1. User Content

User-created content will help promote the millennials as they trust it  50% more than any other media. This is bad news for companies that still use predominantly traditional advertising, but great news for those who have already created their own online community or are going to create it soon. Social approval is a powerful phenomenon. Sometimes your audience just needs to evaluate the product in action before making a purchase.


2. Marketing influence

Millennials increasingly trust authority. 60% of Millennials said they would try a product recommended by a blogger on YouTuber, while one - third of them consider blogs as the best resource for getting information about a product. As a result, cooperation with bloggers and authorities in social networks has a huge potential for attracting millennials, especially in the fashion and beauty industry. By giving authority to demonstrate your product, you can interest its subscribers and establish contact with their ideal buyers.


3. Live Broadcasts

Live broadcasts have become incredibly popular among the millennial. Even Facebook decided to keep up with this trend by offering a live video feature. When viewing news, 43% of millennials value authenticity more than content itself. And live broadcasts are the best meet this requirement.


4. Social well-being

Millennials are a socially responsible generation, they want to change the world, that's why they choose brands that help them contribute to the general well-being. 69% of Millennials around the world want companies to engage their clients in solving social problems.


5. Mobile First

Millennials - mobile generation, 87% of them have a smartphone always at hand. Therefore, companies should primarily focus on developing a mobile strategy. They use smartphones most often to access the Internet, so you need to make sure that all your offers are optimized for this platform.


Knowledge of the above trends will help you in developing a marketing campaign to attract millennials and improve business performance.