How to make in-app marketing?

29 stycznia 2019 14:36

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29 stycznia 2019 14:37

Users download new applications every day, but many of them are soon forgotten, and some do not open at all. Google and Ipsos have conducted research to find out how users interact with applications and how companies can influence this.

Applications help companies develop customer relationships. An effective strategy to promote applications can contribute to the development of electronic commerce, increase the effectiveness of offline events (for example, stock in the store) and strengthen relationships with customers. Consumers are increasingly using mobile apps and websites, and marketers need to consider this.


How to effectively reach a huge audience of application users?


  1. Tracking Application Market Indicators

 Even if you did not encounter this market before creating your own application, the analytical component of the process is not much different from the analysis of other marketing activities.


  1. Pre-marketing pre-release

Mobile application market strategies may differ for different niches, but they should always include a reliable advertising campaign before launch. That is, your marketing efforts need to start long before the actual availability of the product. According to some data, the launch of advertising is advisable to start with the start of development - let people talk about your concept, maybe their advice will be useful.


  1. Launch landing page for advertising

One way to effectively promote your mobile application is to cross-promote it through different channels in which your brand is already present. Most likely, it will be useful to create a small landing page that represents all your unique offers and motivation, why the application should be downloaded. The same landing page can be promoted with the help of SEO-methods, and get traffic, which will eventually grow into the number of downloads.


Creating an application that presents your brand is not enough. You need to attract the attention of potential customers, so even before the launch requires a review of the marketing strategy.