How to leave the perfect sales voice message?

7 stycznia 2019 10:54

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7 stycznia 2019 10:56

If your work requires to contact with a potential client via phone, there is a big chance that you find yourself leaving a voicemail. That is not a secret – leaving an effective sales voice message is not easy. Even if you record the message, will your recipient actually listen to this and call you back? Here are some tips to create the perfect sales voice message!

#1 Introduce yourself 

Nobody wants to spend their time to listen to someone they don’t even know. Say who you are and what do you want but be specific.

#2 Use the right tone of voice

Try to sound like a friend with a normal tone of voice, don’t talk faster than you normally do. Even slow down as you speak.

#3 Open with the most important information

The main things should be said at the very beginning of your recording. When you interest someone, he will be more eager to hear the rest.

#4 Keep your message brief

Prepare what you want to say earlier and keep to the script. Be factual. Keep the length between 20-30 seconds.

#5 Try to sound clear

Drink some water before you call and clear your throat. Be aware of your accent. There is nothing worse than mumbling voice on the phone.

#6 Be concise

Keep your message simple.

#7 Pose a specific request or a precise question.

 Your recipient has to want to call you back.

#8 Avoid generic close

Don’t use lines such as “Please call me back” because these phrases don’t increase the recipient’s feeling of responsibility to call you back. Pose some specific question and convince him that you care about an answer. 

#9 Leave your phone number and repeat it.

Say your number twice and try to sound clear.


Leaving the perfect sales voice message is not easy but with these tips, you will be definitely more effective and powerful. Try them!