How to invest in your customers?

31 stycznia 2019 16:43

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31 stycznia 2019 16:43

No customers - no sales, no sales - no business, no system for attracting customers - no customers themselves. The circle is closed. It is necessary to invest in Your Customers.

Quality customer service is a sign of market development, the degree of its civilization. This axiom, which today is no one disputed. All, at least in words, but understand that if the customer is poorly served, he will remain dissatisfied, and, if there is an adequate replacement, he will go to a competitor.

So far, many companies are helping out precisely this - the lack of an adequate replacement. Being a monopolist to a certain extent, the company ceases to care for customers, arguing, "why should we overwork - it will not go anywhere." But this is all for the time being. Every day hundreds of companies cease to exist, and as many new companies appear. The market does not stand still, and every day you need to prove that you have the right to exist. All those who stopped developing sooner or later lose.

So, everyone knows that it is important to serve customers well and everyone seems to know how to do it right. But in practice, we are often confronted with a situation where we are being rude, ignoring us, losing our papers, making mistakes in numbers, etc. etc. So, does everyone really know how to, or is it just a myth?

Often we hear from managers in response to any recommendation - “this is all clear, and what to do?”. So, it’s still not clear, if it’s not clear what to do. And yet, not everyone knows everything (and probably understands) about what it means to serve customers in a quality manner. If you do not feel the essence of the concept, then in real life you will not be able to apply any principle.

That is, simply knowing “how to” is not enough for equally correct action.