How to increase traffic on the website?

31 stycznia 2019 16:48

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31 stycznia 2019 16:52

It is impossible to give a short and concise answer to the question “How to increase traffic?” Because there are very many ways to increase site traffic.

That is why we decided to prepare for you this material - a convenient cheat sheet with almost all known methods of extracting traffic. We say “practically” because we could forget or miss something, but in any case, this is one of the most comprehensive articles on this topic that are in the Internet and, we hope, it will be useful to you.

1. Check the site for filters
To combat attempts to manipulate search results, Google and Yandex have developed a system of filters that are superimposed on violator sites. This can lead to a partial or complete decline in positions on all key requests and, accordingly, a collapse in attendance and sales. Sanctions can be imposed both automatically and manually, becoming a serious obstacle to effective promotion.

2. Just wait a bit
Search engines are rather inert in this regard, and the age of the site plays a role. Regardless of the budget for the promotion in order to increase traffic to an online store or any other project, it just takes time. It is impossible to get thousands of transitions from the search to the site, which was created just a month or two ago. Even if we are talking about an entertainment project, not to mention a commercial one.

3. Perform a quality optimization
Beautiful design, excellent usability and talented authors of texts - all this will not give proper effect if the pages of the site are not optimized according to the recommendations of search engines and do not contain keywords targeted for business. To ensure the growth of attendance, you need to start with the semantic core.

Based on the items listed in this article, you can make a small revision in relation to your own project in order to figure out how to make its attendance higher.