How to increase Shopping Cart Conversion?

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16 stycznia 2019 09:42

Shopping Cart Conversations have to be rated regularly in order to track any changings and react immediately in case of their decreasing. Here are few propositions on increasing of conversations. 

Learn customers behavior. Before creating any marketing strategies on improving the website or online shop company should learn what are the factors users pay attention before buying the product. They usually navigate pages, compare the products, read information and reviews, compare prices. Some of them put the items in a cart and leave the site without buying: some of them come back. We should clearly know what kind of information they search and if it is easy to search it on a website. Then we think like a customer and check where the pages need optimization. 

Easy and fast process. Customers do not like complicated processes – they want to do their shopping fast and simple- that is why they prefer online shops. The task of the founder then is to make the check-out process simple and fast. It will be better to have not more than 4 steps. Users also have to have the opportunity to continue shopping without leaving the page. Do not afraid to experiment with different designs of page and forms of carts!

Reminding. For the users who leave the website with items in shopping carts, we may not find reasons for leaving but we can try to invite them back. You can write a good offer letter where you see your interest in this customer and invite him to continue shopping. This will work especially If you propose a discount or any other advantages.