How to increase a brand awareness?

22 stycznia 2019 14:38

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22 stycznia 2019 14:40

“How to measure brand awareness and which marketing channel should be used to attract the attention of the target audience to my company?” - such a question arises among beginner Internet entrepreneurs and experienced online marketers. Unfortunately, the only correct way to create brand awareness is not, because the effectiveness of certain marketing tools largely depends on the type of business. For example, an advertising campaign on Instagram may bring positive results to a shoe manufacturer, but it may not be effective for an online electronics store.

Developing an effective advertising campaign is quite difficult, so today we bring to your attention an infographic that describes the most effective marketing channels and key data about them. After getting acquainted with this material, it will be easier for you to determine which of the many ways to increase brand awareness is right for your business.

Effective methods to increase brand awareness

1. Content Off Site

Placement of quality materials of non-advertising nature, useful and relevant to the target audience. To do this, it is necessary to study the demand, identify the pain and problems of the target audience, and propose a solution in the published posts.

2. Brand presentation in social networks

Creating your own group is one of the main tasks when launching an online business, but to reach a larger target audience, you need to present the brand in partner groups (recommendation posts), competing groups (commenting).

3. Contextual advertising

This method allows you to automate the process of brand promotion. Your posts, videos, graphics are posted on Google Display Network sites if the subject matter of the site corresponds to the theme of the brand being promoted.


Brand awareness is the level of awareness of your potential buyers about the company, product or service. Buyers are not experts, they tend to believe companies' statements about their products. At the time of purchase, the consumer is guided by the fear of spending money on low-quality goods, miscalculation with a choice. People are more likely to buy something they are familiar with.