How to improve content marketing strategy?

3 stycznia 2019 13:58

How to get more out of the content you publish? What to do to make people read them and, consequently, content generate profits? Below are some tips that you can use in your company to improve your content, and thanks to high-quality content - to positively impact content strategy! :) 1) Work on the title. The title depends on whether someone starts reading the text or not. It is best to summarize the value in the title, which the given content transmits with a surprising element. Sometimes it's worth betting on something controversial or so-called clickbait text. But also without exaggeration! Above all, stick to values. 2) Add lead. Add 2-3 sentences to each article that will explain what the text is about. This is another way to encourage the recipient to click and read. The lead must be short and specific. 3) Add unique graphics. The graphics you add to the text are as important as the text. Try not to use publicly available images from photobanks. It is worth to prepare an interesting and eye-catching graphic that will refer to the content of the entry and will be matched to the title. 4) Add bonuses to the text. In order for the article to bring you profit, for example in the form of new leads, it is worth to attach to it an attractive addition (so-called content pro). They can be checklists, PDFs, ebooks that you provide to recipients after leaving contact details. 5) Add references to other materials. The text will be much more interesting if you add some links to other materials in it. It does not always have to be your lyrics. The solutions given are simple, but from experience, I know that they happen to forget about them. I hope that at least one hint will be useful for you and improve the content in your company.