How to Grow Your Email List?

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11 stycznia 2019 16:18

Mailing lists are the primary goal of online mail marketers. Many of them make the mistake of buying a base of email addresses, hoping for increased coverage and involvement. At first glance, it may seem that more email addresses will lead to more potential customers. However, often this step leads to the opposite consequences, and sometimes even to blocking your account in the mailing service. It also damages the reputation of the brand and reduces the likelihood of interaction with the right customers. So, how can you increase the mailing list without buying a ready base? This will help you with some marketing tactics and practices.


1. Define your target audience

It doesn't matter what tactic you have. If the foundation is laid incorrectly, the tactic will not work. In this case, I'm talking about understanding your target audience. Who do you want to see as your subscriber? What need do you strive to meet, what problem are you helping to solve? Create an ideal customer profile, it will help your business as a whole.


2. Create a high conversion subscription form

Only after you have finally decided on the target audience, it is worthwhile to proceed to the creation of free content, motivating to subscribe. The easiest way to do this is to choose the most popular of your products and highlight a separate topic on it. Be as specific as possible. If this offer does not give a high conversion to subscriptions, change it.


3. Choose the best format

How does your audience prefer to use content? Who are the readers, and they like to read your long blog posts, or are they all visuals and love infographics and video? It may be worth recording a podcast, then you will understand that it is audio that attracts your customers the most. Determine whether your format matches your audience’s preferences. E-book, short course, video tutorials, webinar, infographics, or phone call recording. Test several options and select the one that has the higher conversion.