How to get promoted in marketing?

2 stycznia 2019 15:05

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2 stycznia 2019 15:06

At marketing workplace, moving up is the main goal. If you do an average job and do not try to constantly develop and improve your skills, it’s likely that you will not be noticed and appreciated by your boss. However, if you are looking for some ways to move up faster in your marketing career, there are several ways to stand out from other employees and get promoted quickly: Take care of the relationship with clients. This is much more important than the relations with co-workers, and sometimes even more important than with the manager himself. How you represent yourself affects on how the whole company is perceived by the clients. It is worth taking care of this relationship to make it as good as possible. Show that you want to develop constantly. Free courses, additional projects, new businesses – all this affects how the manager perceives us. Of course, we do not mean staying after hours just to show that we are workaholics. It is about a healthy commitment to duties and showing you want something more. Working is a continuous study. Have your own opinion. Marketing requires a lot of flexibility, but it’s worth defending your own opinion. The truth is never on one side and if you have an opinion on a subject, you should defend it. It shows that you are communicative and resolute, which is a good premise for promotion to managerial positions. Get involved in the social life of the company. This is not about the morning gossips next to a coffee machine during working hours (although sometimes they are also helpful), but about participating in company events and maintaining contact with employees, even those who have already left or are about to leave. It builds contact networks and not only facilitates getting a promotion but sometimes even a new, better job in the industry.