How to get others to retweet your content?

7 stycznia 2019 14:47

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7 stycznia 2019 14:51

Sometimes you publish a post in which you have put all your soul and nothing comes of it. Another time is exactly the opposite - the entry gains enormous popularity, even though you did not expect it. 


Always write with your target audience in mind

You should choose a specific reader and write with just thinking about him. If your company serves clients with different profiles, make an informed choice. The profile of your ideal client should be sufficiently detailed so that you can visualize a specific person (eg when sitting in front of you). You should know exactly what he likes and what he does not like. If you write from the position of a service provider, you sincerely want to help solve your clients' problems. Just imagine the target customer, and it will be much easier to identify with him.


Select the appropriate header

Always keep in mind the issues that work in your industry. Check what kind of content is arousing interest on social networks. As a source of inspiration, collect interesting and effective headlines. This will greatly facilitate work on subsequent projects.


Feel the role of your reader

The best way to enter is to feel the recipient's situation. Write something so that your readers will know that you understand them. You can write about the problems you are struggling with and provide solutions to solve them. Get ready for their situation and let them feel that you understand them.


There is no ready-made post-blog recipe that will engage readers, encourage them to leave a comment and share the text on social media - however, all good blog posts have many common features. They are combined with the application of several rules that you can successfully apply when preparing your own entries and observe how their popularity is growing.