How to get new clients for a law firm?

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15 stycznia 2019 14:51

Many lawyers don’t gain new clients because they have never been educated that law firms also need marketing. On the market, there is plenty of freelance consultants eager to help, many tools both for social media and website optimization available, but how to know what tactics work the best for your business? Below we listed marketing ideas for a law firm.


1. List your law firm on the Internet Find a proper place to present your company offer and collect as many customers’ reviews as possible. This way you get costs free advertisement on the web. If your clients are individuals, you can create social media profiles and increase brand awareness thanks to being closer to them on a daily basis.

2. Offer online consultations Consider adding to your offer online consultations. Smartphones are everywhere and people constantly use them for everything. Letting clients meet you by Internet shows them you listen to their needs.

3. Publish valuable content. You can create a blog or add FAQ (frequently asked questions) tab to your website. You should also share your content on places like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn. These platforms will allow you to make direct connections with those who may need your legal services. Additionally, invest in SEO will be a good idea. Set yourself up as a subject matter expert and generate more leads thanks to authority that you gain.

4. Invest in Google Adwords and Facebook Ads. If you don’t have any knowledge about these tools, there is nothing wrong if you outsource Google Ads setting to an external consultant. Don’t reject this option until you try!

5. Build meaningful relationships with clients. Except for standard marketing activities, improve the way you communicate with clients. People don’t like lawyers and law firms seem to be very specific, closed environment for people working in other business areas. Take it under consideration and build long-time relationships that will help you to get new customers in the future.