How to get more likes on Facebook page?

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19 grudnia 2018 15:33

IMO there are 5 main ways that work really well: 1/ Contacts. In order to get more likes to think about inviting all Facebook users you know - it can be your friends, family members, colleagues, ex-group and classmates. You can send them an invitation to like the Page and then follow the updates. Ask all of the employees to do the same and the auditory will become bigger. What is more, your Facebook page can be promoted in the partnership or other offline connections. When you cooperate with other companies you can invite clients, customers to like your Page as well. 2/ High-quality content. Sending an invitation to people is not enough to save your followers. They have to see good content and stay your ‘fan’ during a long time. That is why work on the posts you have, make it interesting and involving. Find relevant articles, statistic data, pictures and share information with the readers. Show your products in videos, organize presentations with live stream, make animations. Materials you share have to be interesting to that extent that users want to see it again and again; then they stay your subscribers and you get more likes. 3/ Competitions. More likes and subscribers you get by organizing online competitions where participants should follow requirements in order to have a chance to win a present. They can share your posts, like the Page and invite their friends to be in the list of potential winners. Then you get more likes for the Page but remember: they will unsubscribe If your content is not catching so read the paragraph above again. 4/ Cross-promotion. The brand usually has its pages on more than one social media website so you can promote the links to your Pages in other places as LinkedIn and Twitter. 5/ Facebook Ads. Use that Facebook advantage to promote your page and attract new followers. The more detailed you describe your target group and prepare your promoted post – the more likes you get.