How to get more followers on Instagram?

28 stycznia 2019 11:40

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28 stycznia 2019 11:41

Now it is the real time of influencers. The time of people who create what they like, share it with others and use social media to influence them. In addition, they often earn good money. Influencers are authentic, real, just like any of us. How to become an influencer?

1. Think about what you are good at
A good idea is the most important, but only when true passion or knowledge follows it. Do not look for a small niche or the top ones by force. Consider what can help you stand out. It can be your personality, style of creation, type of content or even your name.

2. Choose the communication channel
As yourself questions such as where your audience is, where they get knowledge and inspiration, and where your main competition is. Currently, 93% of social media influencers have an Instagram account as their main platform, but if you think that t a YouTube channel or blog will help you reach your audience – it’s okay.

3. Develop your strategy
Think over how much time you can devote to the development and improvement of your channel and stick to the scheme. Choose the right keywords, hashtags and a range of topics.

4. Share your content

If you have a strategy considered then this should be the easiest job. Of course, take care of the quality of your content. Keep up to date with industry news and speak about them.

5. Build a community
Engage recipients and encourage some discussions. Find Facebook groups, forums or websites, where people close to you are active. Visit industry conferences and be visible not only to recipients but also to other creators.

6. Be consistent
Growing personal branding is an as long way as growing any other business. Do not give up too soon, remember that the biggest influencers have been building their success for years.

Being an influencer may be a way of life, but demands a lot of work, energy and no less stubbornness. If you think it's the way for you - try it!