How to get customer reviews?

19 grudnia 2018 11:15


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19 grudnia 2018 11:23

From the customer’s perspective, online reviews are among the most sought-after sources of information about your products. They are proof of quality and credibility. Lack of reviews can scare people off, despite a good price and a thorough item description. If you think your customers are happy with their purchases, give them a chance to express it. #1 Create places to leave reviews Setting up a Facebook page for your company and using Google My Business is the first step in ensuring your visibility online. Both those services allow users to rate and review their experience for others to see. Google can even recognize people who visited your location and send them a request to give it a rating. Your own site should also have features allowing visitors post comments, reviews, and ratings of products. For ease of access make it a prominent part of the layout. #2 Ask for reviews Asking for a review is historically proven to be an effective call to action. Doing it in person is definitely the best way of going about it. If the nature of your business allows for direct contact with a customer, inform him that such review will be very helpful. For example, after installing a new ventilation system, your employee could mention that he will get a bonus if he’s mentioned by name in a review. Tipping culture applies in such situations. In many situations, however, an email request will be more feasible. Send such request a few days after purchase, when your customer already had some time to appreciate your product. #3 Create incentives Making reviewing a social activity is crucial. Make sure comments are visible to other users. Allow others to rate reviews based on their usefulness. Thank for compliments and respond to criticism. Engagement is key. You can give people points for posting reviews, which can later be exchanged for discounts or gifts. If you have the ability to monitor your users, send the most active ones special offers with review requests attached. Be creative and get the ball rolling.