How to get an SSL certificate?

11 grudnia 2018 14:17

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15 stycznia 2019 15:41

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layers, a security protocol originally developed by Netscape. This is a process in which data transfer between the user and the server occurs in an encrypted form, and a third party will not be able to connect to this process. It works on the principle of a digital passport, which confirms the data of both the user and the final web server. When both individuals are authenticated, SSL guarantees a secure connection through HTTP. This process is performed using certificates.

I tried to sort out the key aspects, which include:

- Owner's name

- The serial number for identification

- Certificate Expiration Date

- Shared key used to encrypt information

- The private key of the certificate used to decrypt (usually this key is provided by the web server)

It's easy to understand the mechanism of SSL certificate. This is a more comprehensive form of data transfer, something like sending a message to a closed safe. You don’t have to remember it or know how it connects to the server, but it would be nice to at least understand the basics of the workflow before getting your own certificate. They are obtained from various reliable (and not always) providers on the Internet. Each certificate has an expiration date, which means that you will need to update it to keep the site safe (this usually happens every year). This process seems tedious, but fortunately, most vendors will help you through the setup process.

First, you need to generate a CSR or Certificate Signing Request. CSR is needed before you can get an SSL certificate. You can create it yourself if you have administrative privileges on the web server. However, it is recommended to contact the hoster, as in most cases, they do not allow customers to do this on their own. In fact, there is nothing bad in it, it will even ease the task.

After you have an encrypted CSR, you can contact the provider. There are many proven profiles like VeriSign and Thawte. As soon as you acquire a certificate, simply contact technical support and they will easily install a certificate for you.